The Photographer grants the Client the License to use the agreed images for personal use only, which can include use on personal social media accounts, web use, as well as print. The License granted is not effective until the Client has paid the Fees in full. The Client does not have the right to edit, change, add to, take from, alter or otherwise amend the images without the prior written consent of the Photographer. Notwithstanding the License granted under this Agreement, the Photographer reserves the right to use the images during the Term for the purposes of promoting and marketing the Photographer, including but not limited to displaying the images in the Photographer’s portfolio, on the Photographer’s website and in galleries or in photography competitions. The Photographer expressly reserves all other rights subsisting in the Photographs not specifically granted in this Agreement. The Photographer retains all rights and ownership to these images, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Photographer is not responsible for storing or archiving the images. These images are NOT licensed for commercial use.